TUNA PLASTIC was founded in 2010 in İstanbul. The company has built a very strong name and brand in the market. 

TUNA PLASTIC makes special productions for door and many  furniture accessories such as, Sliding Door And Glazing Gaskets, Wooden Door & Window Seals, Aluminium Aldox & Facade Seals, Pvc Joinery Seals, Shower Cabin Seals, Steel Door Seals, Insect Screen Seals And Pvc Profiles,Automatic Shutter Seals, Shade System Seals, Folding Glass Balcony & Pvc Profiles, Sliding System Mechanisms & Accessories.

The company wants to be the leading brand of furniture accessories industry both in Turkey and world and it will be very soon.

The goal of TUNA PLASTIC is to work professionally in accordance with its core values ​​of Quality, Innovation and Design. Our philosophy is based on complete customer satisfaction through the design, manufacture and marketing of cutting-edge solutions in line with market demands, in TURKEY and abroad.